Important Details - Rising Stars Baseball 2017

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Important Details

Planned 2017 Schedule:

(Dates and Times are subject to change based on weather or other factors.  Updated information will ALWAYS be sent via email)

Athletes are requested to arrive 15 minutes prior to start time to get acclimated and pickup game jearsey.

Practice 1:  January 28th, 3pm
Game 1:    February 4th
Game 2:    February 11th
Game 3:    February 18th
Game 4:    February 25th
Game 5:    March 4th
Game 6:    March 11th
Year end function & awards TBD

Other Important Info:

Game Times: Will vary by division/level (Rookie 3pm, Minors 3:30pm, Majors 4pm).  Rookie Games run 60 minutes in length, Minors/Majors run 90.  Divisional assignments will be communicated via email prior to the start of game play.

Fields: Rising Stars use fields 1 & 2 unless otherwise noted.

Gear: A good fitting glove is essential.  When in doubt, smaller is better.  Grey Baseball pants, black socks and black belt are needed for games.  A Rising Stars hat will be given to each player, and jerseys will provide and returned at each game.

Rising Stars Game Philosophy:

We operate our games under three main premises:
1.       We want the kids to be successful and have fun – relish in the small victories
2.       Challenge the kids - adapt the level of challenge to each child’s abilities so they are appropriately pushed, yet experience success
3.       Treat this as a real game (the level of alignment to a typical little league game increases with each division) – the kids know, or are learning, what “real” baseball is all about.  They will also know when they are not playing “real” baseball
The game of baseball isn’t about hitting a home run every time a player is up to bat.  A great major leaguer only reaches base safely 3 times out of 10 tries.  This game, which teaches terrific life lessons, is about celebrating small successes along the way through overcoming adversity.  I believe our Rising Stars, many who have faced adversity their entire lives, will be more joyous in their success if they are not successful every try.  And keep in mind; we want both the defensive and offensive players to experience success.
Based on these guiding principles you will see the following in our games:
·         Use of a tee for one batter and an overhand pitch to another, or start with a tossed ball and move to a tee if not successful.  For the majors, we expect them to hit an overhand pitched ball, but will adapt the speed to the child’s abilities.  High School  players that join our games will bat with opposite hand
·         Often players will get more than 3 swings, especially if the player swings at bad pitches. (hitting a pitched ball is said to be the most difficult thing in all of sports)
·         For Rookies and Minors everyone will get to bat once each inning.  Majors will play to 3 outs.
·         A base runner is awarded 1 base on an over-throw (Rookie & Minors), Majors can continue to run until an out is made.  We don’t want kids running all the way around the bases, as this is not representative of “real” baseball nor does it reinforce success for the defensive team/players
·         We will only keep score in Majors games
·         For Rookies it is OK to have more than 4 defensive players (plus pitcher) in the infield, since the ball is rarely hit to the outfield.  For Minors and Majors traditional positions will be played (though outfield will likely be covered by less than 3 players).
·         It is expected that players’ jerseys will be tucked in and hats are worn facing forward.
We love working with your kids and seeing the joy that playing Rising Stars Baseball brings to them, and appreciate your support of our efforts.
Coach Bob

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